Plastique Injection Moulders


Plastique Injection Moulders

Plastique is a small enough business to give you the attention you need to take your project from the drawing board to the finished product, yet large enough to provide all the services needed for all your injection moulding requirements.

Plastique believes in working together with their customers so they can better themselves by sharing knowledge and experience, and by doing so, hope to build stronger relationships. They believe that their approachability and friendliness is the key to their success.

About Plastique

Plastique Injection Moulders

Since the establishment of Plastique in 2005, they have grown on the premise of a strong foundation of tradition, expertise and experience by the unity and trust of family values.

Plastique presents to the plastic industry a partner trust, where customers can be confident of not only their abilities, but also their knowledge, discretion and communication skills to understand their customers’ needs and requirements.

Plastique's niche business has always been injection moulding in the plastic industry, a field which represents their business, doing both custom and in-house moulding. Management has a hands-on approach to their business, paying close attention to precision and perfection to all plastic components manufactured in their factory.

Plastique injection moulders is a completely independent operation and we are based in Morehill, Benoni, South Africa